• Money – CBDC – Bridge to the Future
    The last few months’ work has revolved around exploring how we handle value and how we could improve on our current system of money.
  • Meaning And Wisdom
    In our exploration of money and perceptions of value, we are inevitably drawn into the meaning of life. The following two print series attempt to distil these into … Read more
  • Art Is Money
    Following on from last year’s work on Editions, this year’s auction at Phillips prompted us to think about and discuss the hierarchy of the monetary value of the … Read more
  • Jubilee
    Spotted in the window of a Pizza place was a photo of a 70 year Jubilee pizza – imagery can often be ambiguous. Anyway we printed something during … Read more
  • Design
    While the cat’s away… (Eddie was off in the land of the brave leaving Alex and Clive without adult supervision) Phillips recently held an auction of “designer” furniture … Read more
  • Co-Creative Dynamics
    Many will have experienced when working collaboratively, how the dynamics of discovery and development operate in such a way as to defy the laws of conventional physics. That … Read more
  • Invisible Universe Non-Fungible Books
    From previous posts, you will see that we’ve produced a growing number of prints. The purpose of the work is primarily in the process of “thinking and making” … Read more
  • Belated Update
    What with Eddie escaping the protocols of the COVID ward at Royal Free Hospital in mid-November and amid the general background of media frenzy, Christmas and government hyperactivity, … Read more
  • Family Magic
    On Monday, Eddie’s “family” got together to create some magic healing… Eddie’s been in hospital since 17 August 2021. Eddie is key to so many people’s activities and … Read more
  • Invisible Universe – quarterly report July 2021
    We also published Eddie’s paper Structural Utterances originally published in Design Ecologies, Volume 8, Number 1, 1 June 2019, pp. 96-126
  • Editions at Phillips
    Phillips Auction of Evening & Day Editions on 14th to 15th June 2021 highlights the relationship between art and money. This downloadable spreadsheet is an NFT listed on … Read more
  • NFT Print with NFC
    In Week 4 we continued the development of exploring NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with an image of the NFC (near field communication device) held in front of the overhead … Read more
  • Capacity in Advance of Need
    Weeks three and four of our work developed around an image of derelict space awaiting renovation for use. Discussion extended into the use of NFCs (Near Field Communication … Read more
  • Money Methodology
    Money is changing but the methodology is staying the same.
  • Value, Need and Capacity
    On Tuesday 4th May 2021, we started work with: Value, Need and Capacity.
  • In Advance of an Invisible Universe
    This first post is actually documenting our 5th screen printing effort on Tuesday 1st June 2021 to produce a logo for Invisible Universe while discussing ideas around what we’re doing.

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