Co-Creative Dynamics

Many will have experienced when working collaboratively, how the dynamics of discovery and development operate in such a way as to defy the laws of conventional physics. That 1+1+1 = > 3; it’s a Fibonacci progression that just keeps expanding.

Eddie, Alex and Clive bring very different perspectives and experiences to bear on our work and it is the sparking of ideas, often through disagreement on detail that creates the magic of co-creative learning and development. Meanwhile, although Gary Woodley has had to temporarily absent himself due to other commitments, his “impingements” and discipline are ever present in our discussions although, like wayward teenagers, we sometimes rebel with a smile in gratitude for the opportunity to flout rules.

We have yet to agree on how we make our work sustainable but continue to explore ideas around money and value. Here is a short silent movie of images taken over the last couple of months, since producing the Non-Fungible Books

And these are the prints we’ve produced recently…

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