Invisible Universe Non-Fungible Books

From previous posts, you will see that we’ve produced a growing number of prints. The purpose of the work is primarily in the process of “thinking and making” as demonstrated in these two videos: At the William Morris Gallery June 2016 the Maximum Wage event in March 2016 However, we are faced with […]

Belated Update

What with Eddie escaping the protocols of the COVID ward at Royal Free Hospital in mid-November and amid the general background of media frenzy, Christmas and government hyperactivity, the Invisible Universe website has been rather neglected. Gary, Alex and Clive continued to meet and work in Eddie’s absence and since his release from hospital, Eddie […]

Family Magic

On Monday, Eddie’s “family” got together to create some magic healing… Eddie’s been in hospital since 17 August 2021. Eddie is key to so many people‚Äôs activities and lives. Alex brought sliced melon, Gary cooked up shakshuka (Egyptian breakfast) while Sarah and Michael, who together with Gary were at the Slade school of art when […]

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