Belated Update

What with Eddie escaping the protocols of the COVID ward at Royal Free Hospital in mid-November and amid the general background of media frenzy, Christmas and government hyperactivity, the Invisible Universe website has been rather neglected.

Gary, Alex and Clive continued to meet and work in Eddie’s absence and since his release from hospital, Eddie has been increasingly active in the studio.

Rather than try to individually report on each week’s work, here are the results of what we’ve been doing since September 2021. Generally, we printed 5 of each image but only one of each (in the main) is shown here. To see the full image, right click on the image and open in a new tab.

The theme of most of the work is money, the family and sustainability The image of Eddie suspending a camera on cardboard and string over one of the images relates to the following video posted on

WHAT’S BETTER THAN MONEY? (video 3 minutes 45 seconds)
Money as a tool and methodology….
Without humans and their activities, money wouldn’t exist. The purpose of money and its methodologies are to sustain the individual, the group and society at large………

Further information on the research and analysis informing our discussions on money is available in this paper: Better Than Money.

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